What should I expect at Bay Cup tournaments?

As a participant in a Bay Cup event, you should know what to expect from the host club. Please refer to the Summary of Standard Procedures and Protocols for Bay Cup events. If you feel that a host club is not following Bay Cup or USA Fencing guidelines, you are encouraged to approach those in charge to review and resolve your questions about the event.

The overall expectations of the host club are that tournaments be run according to Bay Cup and USA Fencing guidelines and that the clubs do their best to provide a good tournament experience for the fencers. The events should be run efficiently, with adequate staffing and resources, with courtesy and respect for the fencers, and with minimal delays or dead time.

Of course, it should be understood that even with the best intentions on the part of the host club, there may be hiccups or circumstances beyond anyone’s control that can cause delays or disruptions to the event.

And, while one goal is to provide the best competitive fencing experience possible for the fencer, another goal for Bay Cup events is to provide training opportunities and experience for host club personnel and referees. We hope that the clubs, coaches, referees, and fencers recognize these goals and work together to provide a positive experience at all Bay Cup events.

If you feel that a host club’s management or operation of a tournament did not follow Bay Cup guidelines, you are encouraged to provide feedback to The Bay Cup, by email to thebaycup@gmail.com.

Feedback concerning possible USA Fencing rules infractions should be directed to the USA Fencing Division for the host club.

You are also encouraged to provide general feedback to clubs, to The Bay Cup, and to the Divisions with any comments about your positive experiences or any other constructive criticism or recommendations.