What do I need to participate in an event?

All fencers must have a USA Fencing or FIE membership and proper equipment to fence at a Bay Cup event.

Equipment must include:

2 working electric weapons
2 working body cords (3 or more working weapons and body cords are recommended)
mask (conductive mask for saber, mask with conductive bib for foil, or a mask with no conductive material for epee); lame (for foil and saber)
underarm protector
fencing jacket
fencing pants (no sweat pants accepted)
long socks (must completely cover the leg)
fencing glove
chest protector for women
COVID face mask (where applicable)
Proof of COVID vaccination

In addition to having the proper equipment, each event has an entry fee of approximately $20-25. You may sign up as a USA Fencing member at the event, if you haven’t already, but it is preferable that you sign up ahead of time. You must have proof of your USA Fencing membership to show to tournament coordinators, as your membership may not show up via USA Fencing’s website right away. Since tournaments can run all day (plan for at least 4-8 hours), it is also recommended that you bring food and drinks (water is usually available, but availability of other services such as restaurants and snacks vary by location).