How Do I Un-Register From a Bay Cup Tournament?

There are three ways to un-register from a tournament posted on askFRED:

1.  Login to askFRED using your personal login information

a.  Hover over MyFRED and then click on the MyFRED dropdown option

b.  Under the box My Preregistrations is a list of every tournament that you are currently pre-registered for

c.  Click the red X next to the preregistration you would like to cancel

2.  Every time you are preregistered for a tournament on askFRED, askFRED sends you a confirmation email.  At the bottom of that email is a link to un-register.  Find the confirmation email and click that link to cancel your preregistration.

3.  If registration has already closed for the event, the first two options will not be available.  Use the Email The Organizer button at the top of the askFRED posting to let the tournament organizer know you will not be participating in the event.  They can manually delete your preregistration when they download the information into Fencing Time.