Upcoming Tournaments

Sun, Sep 23 XF1, WF1, VXF1 EGF
Sun, Sep 23 JWS1, JMS1, XS1, WS1, VXS1 HALB
Sun, Sep 30 JWF1, JMF1, DV1XF1, DV2WF1 EGF
Sun, Sep 30 DV1XE1, DV2ME1 MFA


Sun, Sep 16 Y10WF1, Y10MF1, Y12WF1, Y12MF1, Y14WF1, Y14MF1 Bay Cup at TFC


An EMERGENCY CONTACT is required at all Bay Cup events!

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2017-2018 Season Prizes are making their way to clubs. Let us know if you haven’t seen yours yet! Check out our One Cup to Rule Them All Google Sheet for all things Bay Cup: schedule, members, and more!

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Full Bay Cup Season Schedule
One Cup to Rule Them All Google Sheet
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Bay Cup Membership
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